Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Reed Flute

Pay heed to the grievances of the reed
Of what divisive separations breed
From the reedbed cut away just like a weed
My music people curse, warn and heed
Sliced to pieces my bosom and heart bleed
While I tell this tale of desire and need.
Whoever who fell away from the source
Will seek and toil until returned to course
Of grievances I sang to every crowd
Befriended both the humble and the proud
Each formed conjecture in their own mind
As though to my secrets they were blind
My secrets are buried within my grief
Yet to the eye and ear, that’s no relief
Body and soul both unveiled in trust
Yet sight of soul for body is not a must.
The flowing air in this reed is fire
Extinct, if with passion won’t inspire
Fire of love is set upon the reed
Passion of love this wine will gladly feed
Reed is match for he who love denied
Our secrets unveiled, betrayed, defied.
Who has borne deadly opium like the reed?
Or lovingly to betterment guide and lead?
Of the bloody path, will tell many a tale
Of Lover’s love, even beyond the veil.
None but the fool can hold wisdom dear
Who will care for the tongue if not ear?
In this pain, of passing days we lost track
Each day carried the pain upon its back
If days pass, let them go without fear
You remain, near, clear, and so dear.
Only the fish will unquenchingly thirst,
Surely passing of time, the hungry curst.
State of the cooked is beyond the raw
The wise in silence gladly withdraw.
Cut the chain my son, and release the pain
Silver rope and golden thread, must refrain
If you try to fit the ocean in a jug
How small will be your drinking mug?
Never filled, ambitious boy, greedy girl,
Only if satisfied, oyster makes pearl.
Whoever lovingly lost shirt on his back
Was cleansed from greed and wanton attack
Rejoice in our love, which would trade
Ailments, of every shade and every grade
With the elixir of self-knowing, chaste
With Hippocratic and Galenic taste.
Body of dust from love ascends to the skies
The dancing mountain thus begins to rise
It was the love of the Soul of Mount Sinai
Drunken mountain, thundering at Moses, nigh.
If coupled with those lips that blow my reed
Like the reed in making music I succeed;
Whoever away from those lips himself found
Lost his music though made many a sound.
When the flower has withered, faded away
The canary in praise has nothing to say.
All is the beloved, the lover is the veil
Alive is the beloved, the lover in death wail
Fearless love will courageously dare
Like a bird that’s in flight without a care
How can I be aware, see what’s around,
If there is no showing light or telling sound?
Seek the love that cannot be confined
Reflection in the mirror is object defined.
Do you know why the mirror never lies?
Because keeping a clean face is its prize.
Friends, listen to the tale of this reed
For it is the story of our life, indeed!
بشنو از ني چون حکايت مي‌کند از جداييها شکايت مي‌کند کز نيستان تا مرا ببريده‌انددر نفيرم مرد و زن ناليده‌اند سينه خواهم شرحه شرحه از فراقتا بگويم شرح درد اشتياق هر کسي کو دور ماند از اصل خويشباز جويد روزگار وصل خويش من به هر جمعيتي نالان شدمجفت بدحالان و خوش حالان شدم هر کسي از ظن خود شد يار مناز درون من نجست اسرار من سر من از نالهء من دور نيستليک چشم و گوش را آن نور نيست تن ز جان و جان ز تن مستور نيستليک کس را ديد جان دستور نيست آتشست اين بانگ ناي و نيست بادهر که اين آتش ندارد نيست باد آتش عشقست کاندر ني فتادجوشش عشقست کاندر مي فتاد ني حريف هرکه از ياري بريدپرده‌هايش پرده‌هاي ما دريد همچو ني زهري و ترياقي که ديدهمچو ني دمساز و مشتاقي که ديدني حديث راه پر خون مي‌کندقصه‌هاي عشق مجنون مي‌کند محرم اين هوش جز بيهوش نيستمر زبان را مشتري جز گوش نيست در غم ما روزها بيگاه شدروزها با سوزها همراه شد روزها گر رفت گو رو باک نيستتو بمان اي آنکه چون تو پاک نيست هر که جز ماهي ز آبش سير شدهرکه بي روزيست روزش دير شد در نيابد حال پخته هيچ خامپس سخن کوتاه بايد والسلام


When you are sad.....He will dry your tears. When you are scared.....He will comfort your fears. When you are worried.....He will give you hope. When you are confused.....He will help you cope.
And when you are lost....And can't see the light, He shall be your beacon.....Shining ever so bright.
This is my oath.....He pledges till the end. Why you may ask?.....Because you're His.
Why do you serve God?
When you fall, He lifts you up!
When you fail, He forgives!
When you are weak, He is strong!When you are lost, He is the way!
When you are afraid, He is your courage!
When you stumble, He steadies you! When you are hurt, He heals you!
When you are broken, He mends you!
When you are blind, He leads you! When you are hungry, He feeds you!
When you face trials, He is with you!
When you face persecution, He shields you! When you face problems, He comforts you!
When you face loss, He provides for you!
When you face Death, He carries you Home!
Everyday I meditate upon this, and every night I groan
Why is my own existence to myself the least known?
Whence have I come, why this coming here?
Where to must I go, when will my home to me be shown?

Clinging Causes the Pain

Genuine love and kindness is desperately needed in this world. It comes from appreciating the object, and rejoicing in the object, wanting the object to be happy and well, but holding it lightly, not tightly. And this goes for possessions too. You are in an extremely materialistic society in which the possession of more and bigger and better is held up as the total criteria for being happy. […]What we own is not the problem, it's our attitude towards our possessions. If we have something and we enjoy it, that's fine. If we lose it, then that's OK. But if we lose it and we are very attached to it in our heart, then that's not fine. It doesn't matter what the object is, because it's not the object which is the problem. The problem is our own inner grasping mind that keeps us bound to the wheel, and keeps us suffering. If our mind was open and could just let things flow naturally, there would be no pain. Do you understand? We need our everyday life to work on this, to really begin to see the greed of attachment in the mind and gradually begin to lessen and lessen itThere's a famous story of a coconut, which is said to be used in India to catch monkeys. People take a coconut and make a little hole just big enough for a monkey to put its paw through. And inside the coconut, which is nailed to a tree, they have put something sweet. So the monkey comes along, sees the coconut, smells something nice inside, and he puts his hand in. He catches hold of the sweet inside, so now he has a fist. But the hole is too small for the fist to get out. When the hunters come back, the monkey's caught. But of course, all the monkey has to do is let go. Nobody's holding the monkey except the monkey's grasping greedy mind. Nobody is holding us on the wheel, we are clinging to it ourselves. There are no chains on this wheel. We can jump off any time. But we cling. And clinging causes the pain.--Tenzin Palmo

The most important part of the body

My mother used to ask me what is the most important part of the body?
Through the years I would take a guess at what I thought was the correct Answer.

When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans,
so I said, 'My ears, Mommy.'

She said, 'No. Many people are deaf.
But you keep thinking about it and I will ask you again soon.'

Several years passed before she asked me again.
Since making my first attempt, I had contemplated the correct answer.
So this time I told her, 'Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it must be our eyes.'
She looked at me and told me, 'You are learning fast,
but the answer is not correct because there are many people who are blind.'
Stumped again, I continued my quest for knowledge and over the years,
Mother asked me a couple more times and always her answer was,
'No. But you are getting smarter every year, my child.'

Then one year, my grandfather died. Everybody was hurt.
Everybody was crying. Even my father cried. I remember that especially because it was only the second time I saw him cry.
My Mom looked at me when it was our turn to say our final good-bye to my Grandfather. She asked me, 'Do you know the most important body part yet, my dear?' I was shocked when she asked me this now. I always thought this was a game between her and me.
She saw the confusion on my face and told me, 'This question is very important.
It shows that you have really lived in your life.
For every body part you gave me in the past,
I have told you were wrong and I have given you an example why.

But today is the day you need to learn this important lesson.
'She looked down at me as only a mother can.
I saw her eyes well up with tears. She said, 'My dear, the most important body part is your shoulder.'
I asked, 'Is it because it holds up my head?'
She replied, 'No, it is because it can hold the head of a friend or a loved one when they cry.
Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on sometime in life, my dear.
I only hope that you have enough love and friends that you will always have a shoulder to cry on when you need it.'

Then and there I knew the most important body part is not a selfish one.
It is made for others and not for yourself. It is sympathetic to the pain of others.

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did .
But people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

Thinking and Verification

Man’s privilege over other animals is his reason and far-seeing thought. A child from the very first day of his birth is similar to other animals but with the growth of the body, his power of thought also develops and his foresight increases.
He finds out from what is known to him or from what he has seen and heard that which was formerly unknown to him as well as discovering the works and influences of other beings.
He engages in embellishing and grooming his corporeal body and attends to its requisites both internal and external. The more he employs his mind, the better requirements that are provided, the better he will progress.
It is evident that gradually he begins to find out the effects and the mysteries of the world of creation, and makes inventions and creates arts and techniques for the benefit of his fellow-creatures.
He should not, however, limit himself to this alone; nor devote all his thought to the outer life; nor use up all his endeavors for his body and its requirements which is mortal; rather, he should awaken and ponder on this:

Today I will

TODAY I WILL NOT STRIKE BACK: If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind...I will not respond in a like manner.
TODAY I WILL ASK GOD TO BLESS MY "ENEMY": If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask God to bless that individual. I understand the "enemy" could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or a stranger.
TODAY I WILL BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT I SAY: I will carefully choose and guard my words being certain that I do not spread gossip.
TODAY I WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE: I will find ways to help share the burden of another person.
TODAY I WILL FORGIVE: I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way. TODAY I WILL DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE, BUT I WILL DO IT SECRETLY: I will reach out anonymously and bless the life of another.
TODAY I WILL TREAT OTHERS THE WAY I WISH TO BE TREATED: I will practice the golden rule - "Do unto others as I would have them do unto me" - with everyone I encounter.
TODAY I WILL RAISE THE SPIRITS OF SOMEONE I DISCOURAGED: My smile, my words, my expression of support, can make the difference to someone who is wrestling life.
TODAY I WILL NURTURE MY BODY: I will eat less; I will eat only healthy foods. I will thank God for my body.
TODAY I WILL apply Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds:I deal with good and evil, discretion and determination, promotion and creativity, innovation and renovation, And all these based on Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.
TODAY I WILL GROW SPIRITUALLY: I will spend a little more time in prayer today: I will begin reading something spiritual or inspirational today; I will find a quiet place and listen to God's voice !

If You Really Pay Attention

by Paula Underwood

When I was a little bitty kiddy, about five, my Dad began a process … anytime somebody came and said something to us, my dad would say, "You remember what he said, honey girl?” I would tell my father what the person said until I got so good at it that I could repeat verbatim even long presentations of what the person had said.
And he did this all the time.
Finally, one day there was this old gentleman, Richard Thompson. I still remember his name, he lived across the street. And every time my Dad started to mow the lawn, there came Mr. Thompson. And so I would stand out there.
Dad says, “You might come and listen to this man, honey girl. He’s pretty interesting.” And so I listened to him, and then my dad would say, “What did you hear him say?” And I would tell him.
Well, eventually I was repeating all the stories he liked to share with my dad verbatim. I knew them all by heart.
And my Dad says, “You’re getting pretty good at that. But did you hear his heart?" And I thought, what? So I went around for days with my ear to people's chest trying to hear their hearts.
Finally my Dad created another learning situation for me by asking my mother to read an article from the newspaper. He says “Well, I guess if you want to understand that article, you have to read between the lines."
I thought, "Oh, read between the lines. Hear between the words."
So the next time I listened to Mr. Thompson’s stories, I tried to listen between the words. My Dad said, “I know you know his story, but did you hear his heart?” And I said, "Yes. He is very lonely and comes and shares his memories with you again and again because he’s asking you to keep him company in his memories."
It just came out of me. In other words, my heart echoed his heart.
And when you can listen at that level, then you can hear not only the people. If you really pay attention, you can hear what the Universe is saying.
--Paula Underwood, clan mother of the Turtle clan, Iroquois nation

Lessons from Noah's Ark

Don't miss the boat.
Remember that we are all in the same boat.
Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.
Stay fit. When you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.
Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
Build your future on high ground.
For safety's sake, travel in pairs.
Speed isn't always an advantage.
The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
When you're stressed, float a while.
Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.
No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.

The Castaway

The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.
Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements, and to store his few possessions. But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky. The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stunned with grief and anger.
"God how could you do this to me!" he cried. Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "How did you know I was here?" asked the weary man of his rescuers.
"We saw your smoke signal," they replied.
It is easy to get discouraged when things are going bad. But we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering. Remember, next time your little hut is burning to the ground it just may be a smoke signal that summons the grace of God.