Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knocking on God's Door

Knocking on God's Door 
There once was a man who was very passionate about his search to find God. He searched everywhere. For years he looked in churches, mosques, and temples only to find that those places simply deepened his internal search. So he decided to search for those beings who he felt had a "special" relationship with God.  Each person he met only gave him love and a few wise words to reflect upon which only made his yearning burn deeper. Years went by and totally frustrated now, he started to look for God in the not so obvious places. He looked in the bars, on T.V, movies, in his relationship with his wife, in his bank account, and even far out of town in nature. He searched to the very depths of his own mind and felt that God was nowhere to be found.
Then one day he was out walking his dog in a nearby park and came to the conclusion that this search was utterly hopeless. He would give up his search, it was just too painful. So he decided to just be content with not knowing God and lead a very ordinary normal life. In that moment a miracle happened. A a secret backdoor  instantly appeared before his eyes  which spiraled high into the sky.  He thought that this was a direct path to God's door and that he could go meet God today!
The man was thrilled. He was overcome with such excitement that he ran up all 10,000 stairs! At the top, completely exhausted, he saw the great Divine Door in front of him with golden light pouring through the edges. The word GOD was written in bold print radiating with Light. He slowly walked up to the door and was just about to knock when he stopped himself. He wondered if he was just a bit too tired and out of sorts to be 100% prepared to really meet God. He knew God was behind this door, and he wanted to look good, and feel at his best for this amazing encounter. So he sat down and leaned his back against the door to rest. Many hours had passed and he decided he felt well rested. Yet, during this time he had started to think about all the questions he was going to ask, and then wondered what if God didn't have time for all these silly questions. So he sat back down and pondered even more about what would be that ONE most important questions he would ask God. Soon the hours rolled into days, into weeks, months and then years! (being so close to God he was in a place of timelessness so didn't need to eat, drink or sleep)
Finally, looking back he realized that his life on Earth was almost over and if he didn't knock now, it would never happen!  However, being steeped for years in hesitation and contemplation his courage to knock had dwindled down to nothing, and he could barely lift his hand. So he yelled out, "God, are you in there?"  He heard a great silence in return. The man waited and waited, expecting God to come out, or at least say something back. There was nothing. Only a deep silence was heard. Yet this silence somehow penetrated every cell in his being.  After much time listening to the depth and stillness of the silence, he felt a deep peace inside.  He realized this was what he was searching for his whole life. This eternal silence was God's presence, and was within him the entire time. 
 ~Written by Jafree Ozwald~ Modified by ArdalanAnna ~

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Think & Follow Your Soul

Think & Follow Your Soul


Dear Brohers & sisters,


Relax for a while and just think about what is going on with you, your family, society, country and world. Is everything going good, OK?

No, not so!

Problems are everywhere!


Just think … why so?

After thinking just for a while again you will come to realize that all problems in the world were started with humans!


Just think … what went wrong with the humans?

Humans don't know who they really are and so they are not doing things what their real nature wants them to do. A fish out of water can never be happy in spite of providing it all other luxurious facilities and the same is true with humans; unless humans don't live in spiritual environment, they cannot be truly happy just like a fish out of water! Material things like big office buildings, big shopping malls, big cars, big houses, big TVs etc will not make people happy unless people in those big set-ups are spiritual and treat each other with spiritual qualities!


Happiness is more important than any other costly material things in the world because your soul is more precious than the whole material world put together. Your soul always want to be happy being in the spiritual environment of love, empathy, non-injury, justice etc.


Maintaining the true happiness of your soul is the real purpose of your life because when you do things that make your soul happy, then you truly progress in life purposefully and happily.


So, it is wrong for humans to sell his/her soul for material gains because that will never make his/her soul truly happy.


The point is that don't be crazy after material gains at the cost of your soul's true happiness.


Don't follow people blindly, instead follow your soul, i.e. your heart i.e. your inner voice.


If all the people in the world just stopped blind following and start following their soul/heart/inner voice, there will be no problem in the world at all because your soul is spiritually connected with all other souls and so, your soul will not instigate you to do anything to harm any other soul knowing that it is nothing but harming yourself.


But why people behave contrary to their souls desires?

It's because people are ignorant of their soul's nature, people stopped manifesting their souls spiritual qualities due to their wrong karmas like wrong food, wrong thoughts, wrong words, wrong deeds, wrong habits … why all these wrong things?

Because people just blindly continued following others without conscious thinking in their own on what is right/good and what is wrong/bad for them to do/follow.


However, with conscious thinking we can stop this blind following and start doing things that are really good for us.


For example, my grandparents used to smoke but I don't after conscious thinking; my relatives still eat meat but I stopped because I know vegetarian food is better for my physical, mental & spiritual health; my friends still drink alcohols but I stopped because alcoholism is bad; glamorous people like rock stars indulge in drugs but I don't do it because I know drug addiction is bad; many people still continue idolatry & temple worship but I stopped doing it because I came to realize that work is worship and so, I should not waste my time on those outdated rituals & worship systems anymore and so on … thus, we can take conscious decisions and start doing things that really serve us to progress in life and make our soul happy.


Look around and just think … what need to change for the better and consciously do change it for the better; never be afraid of anybody when your soul guides you to do things better and change for the better.


Don't blindly follow anybody including your parents, teachers or gurus whoever if your soul/conscience/heart/inner voice is against it.


Don't follow things because of fear but do things because you want to do it for your own good & happiness.


Just think … don't follow anything blindly … take conscious choices & decisions and do good and live a truly happy life.


When we all start living this way in the best interest of our own life following our soul; this world will be a better, peaceful, prosperous and happy place to live in for all.


Happiness for all! Ardalan  Anna

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